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Our mission: Music for everyone!

We believe that everyone has the right to participate, and we offer education and performance opportunities

to students of all ages through a variety of programs and instruction.

IAMPV is a non-profit, music education institute dedicated to enriching the lives of all of those in the Banderas Bay area and Mexico through music. IAMPV is the support organization for the Orquesta Sinfonica de Vallarta, The Salty Paws Jazz Orchestra, The Coro Poder Vallarta and Coro Poder Bucerias as well as many other musical ensembles playing throughout the Bay area. Our core mission is to provide musical education to the youth of Puerto Vallarta area, by providing musical instruments, classes, and offering mentorship opportunities in performances alongside older, experienced players.


The benefits of a music education have been well studied and documented, in giving young people the tools to succeed in not only musical endeavors, but scholastic, societal and life achievements as well.

Public Activities and Concerts

Music classes


OSV logo

PCO (Puerto Vallarta Chamber Orchestra) and OSV (Orquesta Sinfonica Vallarta) bring young adults to work side by side with older, professional musicians to hone their skills through a series of concerts geared to expose them to more difficult music and public

performances. This is a cross-generational, cross-cultural program that brings out the best in all involved. All profits from performances go directly back into the private music lessons.

Salty Paw Jazz Orchestra players

This lively group has been performing throughout the entire Banderas Bay area. Under professional guidance and artistic direction, these young adults learn the difficult theories of chord structures and improvisation. No matter the instrument, they really jam! Audiences have been entranced and overjoyed by this fun and talented group.

Educational Activities

Our mission is to promote musical knowledge and skills to the Puerto Vallarta area population through education, concerts and community support.


School of music

Our dedicated teachers work with students on music theory, and proficiency in their chosen instruments. Scholarships are provided for underprivileged children and young adults.



Comprised of students and older musicians, our ensembles give students the opportunity to explore chamber music pieces and additional opportunities for performances.


Traditional mexican music

Working in tandem with DIF (Desarollo Integral de la Familia), a governmental program for underprivileged families, our staff travels to the far neighborhoods of Puerto Vallarta to teach children traditional Mexican music and instrumentation, to instill a national pride and understanding that serves the community on many levels.

Music Lessons in PV

Looking for music lessons in Puerto Vallarta?

Contact IAMPV Music Classes

We provide music lessons in all wind, string and percussion instruments.

Our best students have the opportunity to perform in our orchestras: Vallarta Symphony Orchestra and Salty Paw Jazz Orchestra.

Scholarships available for students in need.

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