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We need help!

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Join us! You can….

  • help organize our bodega and inventory instruments

  • distribute concert posters and flyers

  • sell drinks, snacks, and special merchandise at concerts

  • sell the 50/50 draw tickets at concerts

  • sell concert tickets at the door

  • contribute articles for our newsletter

  • assist with moving equipment to concert locations

  • assist with setting up staging for concerts

  • or use your imagination - how can you get involved?

We’re seeking donations:

Instruments:  bassoon,  a grand piano for the university, a professional sound system with mics, cables, speakers , a computer with a usb port, a smart phone, cash to help us to continue to deliver vital education programs. Also,  we are looking for a Social Media Lead to manage our online outreach.

If you can help donate goods and services, click here!

Give what you can. No amount is too small.

All monies go towards financing our music programs.

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Why donate

why donate

Did you know that music study improves community engagement, academic achievement, self-confidence, memorization and problem-solving skills? When you donate to our cause, you are directly supporting the Instituto de Artes Musicales Puerto Vallarta, which includes the Vallarta Symphony Orchestra, the Salty Paw Jazz Orchestra, and many youth music programs.

Your donations directly support:

  • Educating and inspiring the youth of Puerto Vallarta via the Vallarta Symphony Orchestra, the Salty Paw Jazz Orchestra, and many youth programs in music education. !

  • "Community and cultural enrichment – we make Puerto

  • Vallarta a better place to live by inspiring people with music and by educating youth in a manner that otherwise would not be available.

  • "Making Puerto Vallarta a better place to live.

  • "An opportunity for all people of the Vallarta community to study music, make friends, communicate as equals in person, and have something fun and positive to enjoy in our community.

We receive no government support and the recent covid years have hit our organization hard. With your support, we can continue to provide educational programs and concerts for our shared community. Won’t you help? Find out how you can support us if you are an individual, a corporation, or an orchestra member.

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