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Vallarta Symphonic Orchestra

Our musicians come from Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, England, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and the US.

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Salty Paw Jazz Orchestra

The Salty Paw Jazz Orchestra was founded in September 2016 by Christopher J. Flores (AKA Kris) with his own funds! Chris was a one man band! He did everything - in addition to teaching classes, directing rehearsals and lining up concerts - he located free classroom spaces, rehearsal spaces, music history information, music theory materials, sheet music, sound equipment for concerts, got musical instruments donated for the kids. He recruited students, wrote press releases, concert programs, and promotional material. He designed a cool logo for the Salty Paw Jazz Orchestra - for banners, promotion items, concert programs and T-shirts. He laid out his own money to invest in T-shirts to raise money. He was incredibly generous as his income as a gigging musician was very modest - and this means he was working and not a bum. His dedication to the Salty Paw Jazz Orchestra at one point meant he spent so much of his own money on the Salty Paws, he did not have enough for food. He was losing weight.  ​ The Salty Paws gave frequent concerts, most of them free. Chris' classes were free - he knew his students could not afford to pay. The socio-economic group he served is vulnerable to bad influences and Chris' program gave the kids something constructive, character-building and fun to do. Chris also gave music lessons - his main instruments are clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, alto sax and tenor sax. ​ Some of his students have progressed to the point of getting professional gigs. Other students, thanks to Chris' influence and tutelage, have decided to make music their life's work with the goal of becoming professional musicians or composers. ​ During this time, Chris played in a flute ensemble led by Andrea Jupina. He contributed his time and talent to Ensemble rehearsals and played in the flute ensemble fundraising concert. Chris also played in the Puerto Vallarta Chamber Orchestra (roots of the actual Orquesta Sinfonica Vallarta), another volunteer group, conducted by Daniel Oliveros, who has been the head of Instituto de Artes Musicales Puerto Vallarta (IAMPV) for many years. ​ A major accomplishment was the Salty Paws' performance at the International Jazz Festival at el Faro (the lighthouse) on Puerto Vallarta's Malecon, a concert hosted by sister city Highland Park, Illinois on February 16 & 17, 2018. A video of the entire concert is on Facebook - the Salty Paw Jazz Orchestra page. ​ On May 21, 2018, the Salty Paw Jazz Orchestra was truly honored to be invited to perform at May Fest, Puerto Vallarta's Centennial celebration. ​ Christopher Flores has always been a very hard working community member, contributing extensively to education and the cultural life of Puerto Vallarta, generously giving of himself and his personal financial resources.

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Stay tuned!


2024 Fundraising event
Pictures credit: Josef Kandoll